Why and how to be bolder healthcare IT

@moosechri #mhealth

Innovation: wearables – mobile devices – etc
Adoption: Behavior – holistic change management

Start with computer (people are removed when having to learn when detached) iPad ( better tacktile) – trained the world to use a new way to do things
Teach someone how to use In such a small time you are on to something
Discovered my desires
Aware of its environment and mine
made it relevant
made it simple
trained me continued to evolve and add value by collaboration

Apply to healthcare to make it successful:
Discover my desires: “i don’t want to die”
What they are addressing and want to avoid – be aware of the environment and me
Taking all data and its inobstusive -fitbit- passive , but has to be relevant – fitbit provides back data that is not helpful or relevant to me
Bolder – be simple:
Good example: Progressive insurance is going from MACRO to MICRO –  ”targeted and simple for me”
Train me:
Example: Apple trained the world to use them
mint: detailed budget catered to the user giving the user benefits in future so they wouldn’t follow them to you new to add value by collaborating

Greater Degree of things that you can do to increase its value: sharing data


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