Service Design in Healthcare and Health Insurance

Tim O’reilly –


Question: How do we use the capabilities of our devices to build better human experiences?

 Lesson 1. Health Insurance

Lesson 2. Do Less!
Phones give us superpowers / not fill out info again and again / wake up for vitals – no more

Lesson 3. Do more!
Uber receipt. What UBER does for me:preview-uber-10-16-1-1

  • Lets me call a car from anywhere
  • Automatically tells available drivers where I am
  • Lets me know how long it will be ’till my car arrives
  • Lets me contact the driver by text or voice – anonymously
  • Lets me pay without having to pull out my wallet
  • Gives me detailed receipt showing exactly where I went and how long it took-which lets me complain if the driver didn’t go the optimal route (and uber gives refunds)
  • Now even does expense reporting.

How a doctor’s visit ought to work:

  • Phone detected on entry to office, hospital, or ER
  • Insurance Automatically Checked
  • Medical history automatically loaded into system
  • Vitals and other quantified self info automatically loaded
  • Data automatically used to sort queue and give wait time
  • ER possible discharge to available nearby outpaitent or dr’s office
  • Portable medical record updated as patient exits
  • Aside: We also need Payment reform!
    variation in cost

Lesson 4.: Build software “above the level of a single device”

Why be distracted into looking backwards by the commodity cloners of open source?… There is a new frontier, where software “collectives” are being built with ad hoc protocols and with clustered devices. Robotics and automation of all sorts is exposing a demand for sophisticated new way of thinking… Useful software written above the level of the single device will command high margins for a long time to come?
Dave Stutz. On leaving Microsoft. Feb 03 –

Docs at the heart of the Uber system:

  • Real time booking tracking
  • Dispatch
  • Trip tracking
  • ?? and ??
  • Payment
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Repetition

Many of these data services are not run by Uber (google, bing, maps, bapbox, braintree, twilio)

Lesson 5 – Measure and respond
“That version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum avount of validated learning about customers with the least effort” – Eric Ries
See book The Lean Startup – Eric Ries – MVP – build incrementally and measure

We have taken this for granted in web applications. But no, with internet of things, applications powered by big data back ends, Lean Startup Principles apply to every real world service!
Find article “How is data science transforming healthcare”

“Only 1% of healthcare spend now goes to diagnosis. We need to shift from the idea that you do diagnosis at the start, followed by treatment to a cycle of diagnosis, treatment, diagnosis… as we explore what works” – Pascale Witz – GE Medical Diagnostics

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half” – John Wanamaker (1838- 1922)

Lesson #6:
These are systems made up of computers and humans working together
Adding digital to the way the world works now (doesn’t work)

Internet of things – end of humans Waze app – real time

  • We know technologies, but we don’t know how to organize them efficiently
  • People are sharing data for collective good
    • Organize people and the way they work together
    • Issues with date
    • Let’s deal with the issue – the consequence
    • Evidence patients want to share data
  • Organize people and the way they work together

Gov. UK – Government design guidelines – design principles – recommended by O’reilly

7. Rethink Workflows and Experiences! – Uber- Apple

Rethought workflow of user experiences -zocdoc – great experience

-chenmed – chain medicine – the “uber for healthcare aids”

Mickey Dickerson
17 hour days
100 days straight
Standup meetings focused on why people weren’t able to keep the promises they had made to each other

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