Interconnected: The Future of the Experience Web Experience

Dries Buytaert @dries -Founder of Drupal – owner of Acquia

The end of the web as we know it

  • Web is pull
  • Content will find you
    •     ie: news – flipboard
    •     products – pintrest
    • people – facebook
    • google now – events
    • airbnb- pandora
  • all is going from pull to push
  • music – pandora

Early examples of the big reverse – What all these websites have in common is they are aggregators, condensed, personable, actionable, streaming

New to them :

  • notifications that can be interactable
  • The complex experience – the pull experience

Example of something that doesn’t exist and where the web isn’t ready to go yet:

Calendar – birthday – think – present – I browse for present – identify  what to buy – provide info into a new site  (time consuming, give info, hours of work)

Potential for sites: IDEA: Identify sister that will follow you around where you provide your info
PUSH IDEA:  notification – swipe to stream what idea to buy him – just click and all actions are already aggregated (amazon) – predicable, shipping to warehouse near you before you even think of buying it, so that shipping time is shorter
Friend gets present on time = Happy
New app = Minutes of work!!!

For this app to work  we need to know a lot of info;

  • Friendhsip status
  • address and location
  • payments
  • likes – product preferences
  • time

Currently there isn’t one place that has all this data at one, this is what big platforms are aiming to accomplish (social, Facebook, amazon)


Address – Social – Location – Purchase history


Payment – Curated stream



  • Privacy (legislation)
  • Tastes – depends on our relationships with website
  • It gets creepy when platforms cross likes from friends – how to overcome this?
  • Sample – FB login for other applies like FAB – optional – will give a better experience because it learns from you
  • Brand – new content is created
    • Published to a site where breand content lives with JSON or XML
    • Content is packaged into cards
    • Aggregators take cards and sort them from many of them
    • CMS role is to provide this info to aggregators”
    • Filtered on personality for each individual – funneling
    • then delivers as a stream
    • user reviews on device
    • user takes action – call back to cms
    • learn – insights go back to personalization
    • payment is processed
    • shipping

                       Opportunity for
open source

Jeff Bizs from Amazon- What does this enable?

1. Create one to one relationships with identity in the middle

IE: TRUNK CLUB – sends you clothes you choose and send back what you don’t want  – it learns

“The Push Web Disrupts Everything” – End of malls buildings – Privacy at risk

  • The open web closes
    •     WEbsites as destination myth disappear to these big platforms
  • Traditional media goes on life support
  • The classrooms empty out
    •     Tools to help students with what they’re lacking
    •     Dual Lyngo – app to learn a language
    •     Universities online


  • Healthcare will be more worry free
    • WEarable devices for health
  • Makers will bring back authenticity – etsy
  • open source will save the open web
  • privacy – personal date will enable real world securitye
  • The free press will be more free than ever
    • education will be in everyone’s hands
  • Push will put people over technology
    • redundant task, busy world

A Semantic web for example cool ease doing something about this with the scheme matador
Apple Watch


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