Coffee with your Doctor?


We continue to approach healthcare with what we know

15% rate of diagnostic error when first seeing a physician


Payments incentives, distribution tech, global reach

MIT Hacking Medicine Institute – link

Needs – Validated problem
– jobs to be done
-needs of user

Systems thinking – Manuel Lima “The power of Networks” – Harvard Med School

How the body resets:

  • Fragility
  • Anit-fragility- Antifragile systems not only benefit from periodic stressors, but also tend to benefit more when these stressors are distributed randomly, as opposed to more regularly
  • Collective anti-fragile – not the same outcomes – collect data – “The only way that we can effectively work with complex systems is by working from the inside – by gearing our decisions and actions to act as minor tweaks (trial and error) on the system (just as evolution does)”
  • Users only visit doctors at peak times of their diseases
  • Drs don’t know variations to make accurate assestmentsIMG_4567
  • Drs are weary to give users apps
  • Users are familiar with sharing our health /  wearables (but where in the body?)

Map the experience of diagnosing, treating, monitoring, prioritize, focused high impact solution around one player


App simple to use and output (photo?)

Digital health (not only app) both ends/sides needed to trust

Apps to keep track of family health –

Instagram for doctors – crowdsourced diagnosis

Reinvent the stethoscope – alivecor – (place on forehead)

Otoscope – cellscope for ear infection detection

TedX presentation – find

Patients and how they navigate healthcare

Dynamic monitoring group (need)


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